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Light Years Photo 1
Called "the sunlight scene," this photograph, taken March 29, 1976, at Hasenbol, was the last in a sequence of nine that Meier took as the beamship approached from the west. The Hasenbol site, with its radical weather and steep drop behind the tree, impressed the investigators more than any other.

Light Years Photo 2
Mount Auruti stands in the background to the south of Hasenbol. In Meier's 8mm film of the same scene, a Japanese production crew noticed the sudden brightening of a red light on the ship's flange just above the two red lights that appear here on the bottom of the ship.

Light Years Photo 3
Kaliope and Eduard Meier.

Light Years Photo 4
A jet fighter on maneuvers with the Swiss Air Force flew into the scene as Meier took this photograph near Schmarduel - April 14, 1976.

Light Years Photo 5
From left to right: Lee Elders, Wendelle Stevens, Eduard Meier, and Tom Welch on a hill overlooking the Meier farm.

Light Years Photo 6
Brit Elders interviews schoolteacher Elsi Moser at the farm in Schmidruti.

Light Years Photo 7
Physicist Neil Davis of Design Technology in Poway, California, examined this photograph taken August 3, 1975. Three years later, just beyond the stacks of debarked pine, Meier recorded the beamship sounds analyzed by Los Angeles sound engineers Nils Rognerud and Steve Ambrose.

Light Years Photo 8
The metal fragment, which represented one of the final stages in the manufacture of the material for the beamship hull, glistens under Marcel Vogel's electron microscope at IBM. The unique sample disappeared while in Vogel's lab.

Light Years Photo 9
The photograph taken by Austrian schoolteacher Guido Moosbrugger one night while on a contact with Meier - June 13, 1976

Light Years Photo 10
Taken March 3, 1975, this is the first in a sequence of photographs of a beamship and an accompanying remote-controlled craft; one of the photos in this series appeared on the cover of Europe's newsweekly "Der Spiegel," November 17, 1978.

Light Years Photo 11
From outside a chicken wire cordon, Meier views landing tracks that appeared below the farm in 1980. In these and other tracks with the same counterclockwise swirls, the crushed grass never turned brown and died, yet it never rose again.

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